PEGASI Smart blue light glasses can make up your sleep

Sleepy should be the best thing on weekends. After a long and exhausted work week, sometimes the only thing you want to do is sleep quietly. By Friday night, you lay in bed and began to look forward to sleep tomorrow afternoon. You think you can finally make up your sleep. But it turns out that you can not even sleep. When you opened your eyes on Saturday morning, the time was still very early. If this is a working day, you can even get up before the alarm rings. What is this in the end? In fact, we do not want you to have any surprising thoughts on this, and maybe this is something you usually do too much. Your body has been [...]

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Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy?

Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy? According to a statistics, China's urban residents in varying degrees of sleep problems, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities, 70% of the respondents had sleep problems, and insomnia crowd distribution in the 18-55 years old, education Mostly in college or above. In the solution to the huge demand for sleep crisis, around the "sleep economy" also produced a huge sleep industry. Nowadays a variety of brands aimed at the sleep market, intelligent sleep products after another. PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses claim to be able to monitor sleep quality, provide personalized sleep advice, and improve sleep quality. Is PEGASI smart sleep glasses really useful? PEGASI in Jingdong public platform to promote the product package, [...]

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Is PEGASI Smart blue eyeglasses really helpful to sleep ?

Is PEGASI Smart blue eyeglasses really helpful to sleep ? Xu Zhijian from Shenzhen, is a software engineer, paid for five days a week, Saturday and Sunday to add a day class. And all the IT developers engaged in the same, Xu Zhijian often stay up all night, the biological clock out of the mess. Gradually, he began to insomnia, tried all sorts of ways, yoga, fitness, meditation, sheep, but no avail. In the way of insomnia Xu Zhijian is not alone. In the modern fast pace of life, many urban monks are more or less suffering from insomnia, as long as the open circle of friends, no matter what the middle of the night, Paul was someone in the scraper, some people watching [...]

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