24 05, 2017

Sleep deprivation VS Insomnia

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There is a philosopher said that if you sleep two hours a day, you live more than ten years. Legend of the great people or hard-working people are less sleep groups. Energetic people sleep less, there are two explanations, one is that they do not need so much sleep, because the brain secrete more nerve hormones, enough to keep people conscious and emotional full. So they are creative. Scientists, writers, artists, politicians are often sleepless all the night, and their sleep is not entirely influenced by circadian rhythms. If you accept this explanation, then sleep more people than sleep less people may be lazy, lack of creativity, but also less passion for life. Is sleep deprivation equal to insomnia? The second explanation is that human needs [...]

18 05, 2017

What kind of insomnia do i have ?

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Nowadays, insomnia has begun to become a common disease in daily life, more and more people are troubled by it, so that their lives and work can not be normal. However, for insomnia, now most people have their own wrong understanding , they always think that insomnia is sleep, not harmful to our body. In fact, insomnia is not a serious disease, but insomnia for a long time, it will bring us the serious harm.So it can not be ignored. What are the different types of insomnia in clinical? Look at what type of insomnia you are. According to different symptoms, insomnia can be divided into three types: 1, Difficult to sleep (more than 30 minutes can not sleep), it is starting insomnia; 2, Can not continue to sleep , [...]

14 05, 2017

PEGASI got award for the best sleep solution during Global Resource Show

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The world's largest electronic product procurement event "Global Sources Electronics Show" in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo has come to an end, but its influence has been spreading. In this exhibition, Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd with PEGASI , with its dazzling design and sleep design for the overall solution to attract visitors and the media attention. The banners printed with PEGASI can be seen everywhere during Electronic exhibition Bright blue and white highlights avant-garde fashion sense of science and technology, sleep improvement and personalized monitoring main health, PEGASI is to create a healthy sleep in the field of precedent, stand out from multiply electronic products , rolling momentum strong VR / AR, robots and other products. Pegasi glasses was awarded the "Best Solution Award" by Global Sources' [...]

10 05, 2017

14 ways to teach you how to get into deep sleep

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    Do not sleep well? I believe this is a lot of people are troubled by the problem. Into the deep sleep you need to do a few things before going to bed: wash your face and teeth; drink a cup of warm water; go to the bathroom to solve the worries; lie in bed after taking a deep breath 3 times, each breath is not less than 25 seconds, Less than 45 seconds, breathing to be uniform, detailed, long; simple and objective review of the day of things, and then relax the body, body posture is upright, arms flat on both sides of the body, legs naturally start, do not cross, , Chest and abdomen do not cover the thick quilt, cover the [...]

4 05, 2017

Why am I so tired every day?

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Why am I so tired every day? Physical and mental are kind of feeling of destruction. Powerless to do everything a, spent every day listlessly . You want to know why ? Now we would like to analyze the possible reasons, regain vitality may be easier than you think. As long as you carefully analyze the reasons, it will be able to break the problem. Fatigue 1. What did you eat? Caffeine or carbohydrate intake may have a counterproductive effect for increased vigor, because a significant fluctuation in blood sugar causes an increase in fatigue. Choose a rich vegetable, fruit but also lean meat, healthy and balanced diet can make you energize the lungs. Many people in the diet balanced, adequate nutrition after the feeling of fatigue [...]

1 05, 2017

How much sleep time do we need?

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With the increasing intensity of work, many people like to sleep late on the weekend. They feel that it can make up the sleep . In fact, to keep a good biological clock ,it is much more healthy than sleepy, because sleepiness may bring a lot of disease. Risk 1: Sleep more lazy, intellectual decline Most people will think that the elimination of fatigue should be more sleep. In fact, want to increase the sleep time to get a healthy idea, it is completely wrong. Sleep time is too long, people will become lazy, weak, and even intelligence will gradually decline. Sleeping people stay exciting for a long time during sleep , and other nerve centers , because of the inhibition of the time is too [...]