June 2017

5 best things to do before you go to bed

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5 best things to do before you go to bed Studies have shown that sleep is directly related to life. Average nighttime sleep less than 4 hours, 80% is short-lived. So sleep quality is particularly important. And in most of us, often encounter insomnia situation. In fact, if want to sleep well, you can do some preparation before going to bed. A few small tricks, insist on doing every day before going to bed, discharge body toxins, clean up the body of garbage, make you sleep better. 1.Combingyour hairbefore going to sleep: adjust the body meridian Chinese medicine theory that the head of the brain homes, is the body of the "smart house", connected to the body meridians. Appropriate to stimulate the head acupuncture [...]

Waking up too early?

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The herbalist doctors said, 3:00 ~ 5:00 am is best time for the lungs ,we need deep sleep. But some people often inexplicably wake up during this period, and then over and over again hard to fall asleep, or even have to sleep after 5:00am later. So what exactly is this going on? Experts said that if you often wake up in the morning 3 to 5 am , this is the body to tell you: blood has been inadequate, and need to make up a blood. Because in the time of 3 to 5 am, the lungs are transporting blood, if lack of blood, then it will affect the normal circulation of some organs . And the body has self-healing function, in order to make this organ not damage due to lack [...]

Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ?

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Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ? Be careful to some details.  Mention melatonin, although many insomnia are commonly used, but there are still many people on its understanding is still superficial. In the short term, melatonin has a certain effect on most of the insomnia patients, but melatonin can not be used for a long time, and it should be taken as  under the advice and guidance of the doctor. Here we specifically understand the melatonin: 1.Melatonin secretion shows a natural law Melatonin is actually a hormone secreted by the body itself, derived from the human brain pineal gland. As a health care product, its role is to adjust the sleep awakening cycle and promote sleep. Normal body endocrine melatonin, with circadian rhythm: [...]

Find happiness in insomnia

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Insomnia is like a small window in a dark city. Is it a solitary night tour or a desperate search for a lost person? The song of"Tonight no one sleeps" makes our night more beautiful than the day. Is that true? Insomnia is a very common phenomenon. According to the psychological statistics, 10% of people have more serious insomnia, 35 to 50% of people will occasionally have insomnia. 2/3 of the insomnia is female. Insomnia between 20 and 30 years old (adult world stage) and 50 to 60 years old (menopause, retirement, etc.) will increase. Try to find happiness in insomnia We do not regard insomnia as a disease, insomnia is caused by anxiety, depression, other mental problems or pain caused by a phenomenon. By treating or improving [...]

How to avoid sleepwalking?

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There are a lot of people will appear sleepwalking phenomenon, for sleepwalking, what is the reason for the formation ? Studies have shown that sleepwalking is primarily the result of human brain cortical activity. Brain activity, including "excitement" and "suppression" of the two processes. Usually, people in the sleep, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of inhibition. If at this time there is a group or several groups of movement of the nerve cells are still excited, will produce sleepwalking. The scope of sleepwalking is often the most familiar environment for sleepwalkers and often repeated actions. Sleepwalking is often the topic of people talked about. People are very surprised by the phenomenon of sleepwalking, but also produced a series of obvious prejudice [...]

Elderly insomnia treatment , medication should be cautious

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Elderly insomnia treatment , medication should be cautious . Adequate sleep, balanced diet and proper exercise are recognized as the three health standards by the international community.  As the saying goes: "sleep well,eighty years old is not old." Good sleep is the basis of health, and with age continues to grow, many elderly people began to suffer from insomnia. Fall asleep, prolonged number of awakening, early awakening and other insomnia symptoms, which become more serious social health problems. Experts said with age growing, the elderly nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, digestive and metabolic system functions are degraded, the body's self-repair function is also weakened. If you can not guarantee adequate high-quality sleep, it is easy to cause a system of disease, and even [...]