May 2018

Secrets of better sleep

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From birth, we spend a third of our lives asleep. After decades of research, we’re still not sure why. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that sleep is important. It rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind, and if you go too long without it, it can literally kill you. Electricity, large pharmaceutical companies and the industrial revolution are the culprits of our lack of sleep. The nasty electric light that Edison invented confuses our circadian rhythm and the hormone cycle that regulates sleep and many other gene functions. However, many people do not know this. Whenever night comes, you will have countless dreams when you close your eyes and sleep. The exploration of dreams and sleep is little appreciated. What does the dream [...]

Chronic Intractable Insomnia

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With the progress of society, people’s work pressure is getting bigger and bigger. Chronic Intractable Insomnia not only affects our body, but also has a great impact on our lives. Therefore, we must pay attention to insomnia and value our body. There are many reasons for insomnia. To treat insomnia, you need to find out what causes your insomnia so that you can prescribe the right medicine. Most of insomnia is caused by psychological factors. The most common stress is from work or study. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to regulating their own stress so as to effectively relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Chronic Intractable Insomnia is a common disease in all categories of insomnia, and it is more difficult to treat than secondary [...]

Sleep more feel tired

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  Sleep more feel tired I am always noticed some questions on Quora, something about sleep more feel tired .Why i am tried when sleep less , but i am much more tried when i sleep more , many people are puzzled at this issue . Actually when you feel tired , it means that your sleep quality is not good enough . Tired or energetic depend on the sleep quality . For example , i just sleep about 6 hours , but i am always energetic all the day , sometimes ,before the weekend ,i will stay up to watch TV and sleep at 2 am or later, finally i get up in the morning maybe about 10am or later , in fact [...]

How to reduce sleep but stay healthy

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How to reduce sleep but stay healthy? We often notice some questions on Quora something like this , How to Condition Your Body to Need Less Sleep? How do I scientifically reduce sleep duration and stay healthy? How long do we need to sleep? Everyone will have different needs, but "best to guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep time" must be heard. Sleep is very important to our physical function. It can relax the body, restore strength, reduce stress, maintain concentration and enhance memory and coordination. Can we sleep less for a while, but still ensure that we are full of energy and good health? In fact, we can at most reduce one hour of sleep. It is not just the length of sleep, but more importantly [...]

Optimize sleep with black technology

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PEGASI is on Landmark Plaza Nasdaq big screen, sleep problems solution with black technology With the continuous changes in the lifestyle of modern people, health problems come one after another. Among them, the sleep problem is the primary problem of health problems. It not only affects people's physical health, but also affects people's academic performance, work, and life. In order to sleep problems solution , the PEGASI Better Sleep science team has introduced cutting-edge technology from the United States. It is jointly developed with the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Aerospace Shenzhou Biological Group, and HKUST News to jointly optimize sleep. The dilemma of black technology products - PEGASI sleep better smart sleep glasses, designed to help people [...]