One Step

Solve six sleep problems easily with smart sleep glasses 

Effectively solves a series of your health problems by improving sleep quality and reignite your passion for life

What is your sleep problem?

Difficulty falling asleep.

Dreaminess, many different kinds of dream during sleeping .

Easily wake up frequently during sleep.

Out of spirits and doze in the day.

Early morning awakening.

Hard to get up .

What PEGASI Sleep Glasses can do ?

  • Shorten the fall asleep time
  • Improve the dreaminess symptom
  • Decrease the awake time during sleep.
  • Increase the deep sleep proportion
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Solve the difficulty of getting up in the morning

Continuous using PEGASI Sleep Glasses in 4-7days, all the above problem can be solved or improved obviously.

Beside that, if you feel sleepy in the day, you can quickly improve your Mental Status and refresh yourself by

using PEGASI Sleep glasses in 15 minutes

PEGASI also can help people who always travel a lot to solve the jet lag problem,

and ensure that they can easily adjust to the time of the destination, help them to have enough energy to deal the work after the plane landed.

If you need to work at night, PEGASI smart sleep glasses can help you to have a good working condition all the night.

Say goodbye to sleep disorder 

Get rid of medication 

Enjoy your wonderful time 

Customer Reviews

I purchased these glasses for my wife who was waking up every night at 4am. After she used it for the 5 mornings in the row her sleep is back to normal. It worked very well to fight jet lag as well in a few occasions already. Amazing product and very easy to use.

Dr Modestas Jarutis

I have tried several brands of these glasses, and only to have to return them. These are the ones that fit well and work great for me, sleep is much better and they are of good quality, and work the way they should.

Kevin Quinton

I bought this to try but totally skeptical that it would work. Who would have thought light technology would improve my ability to sleep earlier and wake up earlier? After two weeks with the glasses, I am now a believer. These glasses have worked for me by putting me on a normal sleep routine, something I was never able to do for the past 25 years.

Sandy Duong

I have owned Pegasi 2 for a month now, and I think it works great. I have an irregular sleeping schedule: going to bed around 2 am and waking up, depending on my work schedule, between 8-10 am. What troubled me the most in the past is that I always wake up 2-3 times in the middle of my sleep.

Although I was a bit skeptical of Pegasi’s effectiveness at the beginning, it indeed improved my sleeping quality a lot after using it for two weeks. Probably due to my weird sleeping schedule (and I accidentally forgot to use it for maybe 1 or 2 days), I didn’t feel significant improvement within the first week. However, after continually using it for two weeks, now I rarely wake up in the middle of the night and feel fully rested the next day.

The product is easily portable as you can fold the glasses and slide it in your pocket or backpack. It’s not clumsy and very light, so I can wear them and do other activities without being interfered. The blue-green light is fairly comfortable and only took me around two days to get used to it. Given these features and its effectiveness, I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend others to give it a try.

Po-Ju Ke

About Our Team 

The core team members of PEGASI are previous senior engineers from well-known companies such as Mindray and Huawei. Sam, CEO of PEGASAI, is especially experienced in medical product development. He went to Medical School at the University of Wisconsin-Maddison for education and worked for a long time at Mindray, one of the biggest medical equipment manufacturer in China. He’s now leading this team to find a pure and drug-free method to improve sleep quality. And here is the invention of PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses.

Professional and rigorous, this is how we devote ourselves to be in PEGASI project. After five-year of non-imaging visual study, we made a significant breakthrough in light therapy to improve people’s sleep quality. This technology has been applied to improve the sleep quality of astronauts, Olympic athletes and natural disaster relief teams to ensure that they could face the challenges at their best.

We also have more than 10 patents including AI+ speech recognition technology, central control technology, autonomous light module technology, etc. We are working on AI+ sleep healthy smart bedroom development now and trying to build an international sleep ecosystem with the American Sleep Foundation and the China Sleep Research Association together.