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Solve six sleep problems easily with smart sleep glasses 

Effectively solves a series of your health problems by improving sleep quality and reignite your passion for life

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What is your sleep problem?

  • Difficulty falling asleep, Take a long time to fall asleep, even over hours.
  • Dreaminess, many different kinds of dream during sleeping. Or still think about the things of the day.
  • Easily wake up frequentlyduring sleep.
  • Out of spirits and doze in the day
  • Early morning awakening
  • Hard to get out of bed in the morning

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses 

Improve your sleep quality 

Jump start your healthy life 

What PEGASI Sleep Glasses can do ?

  • Shorten the fall asleep time
  • Improve the Dreaminess symptom
  • Decrease the awake time during sleep.
  • Increase the deep sleep proportion
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Solve the difficulty of getting out of bed in the morning

Continuous using PEGASI Sleep Glasses in 4-7days, all the above problem can be solved or improved obviously.

Beside that, if you feel sleepy in the day, you can quickly improve your Mental Status and refresh yourself by using PEGASI Sleep glasses in 15 minutes

PEGASI also can help people who always travel a lot to solve the jet lag problem,

and ensure that they can easily adjust to the time of the destination, help them to have enough energy to deal the work after the plane landed.

If you need to work at night, PEGASI smart sleep glasses can help you to have a good working condition all the night.

Say goodbye to sleep disorder 

Get rid of medication 

Enjoy your wonderful time 

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