How to get over jet lag?

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Do you have any problems of getting over jet lag when you are on travel ?

Maybe most of us are very sad when we suffer from jet lag . We would like to share with more about jet lag information, really hope you can get a lot from our blog.

There’s nothing like a case of desynchronosis to ruin a perfectly good business trip! What is desynchronosis, you may ask? No, it’s not a new electronic dance music act. It’s medical jargon for jet lag. It means your biological clock is out of sync.

Our bodies operate on what we call circadian rhythms (no, not a world-beat ensemble). These are the recurring 24-hour cycles (some say 25-hour) that regulate certain physiological processes – such as sleeping and wakefulness. When we travel over time zones – especially moving east – these are out of order .  Which result in fitful sleep, insomnia, grogginess, slowed thinking and other symptoms. Some people take sleeping pills, but these have side effects.

There are two typical symptoms commonly about jet lag.
1) Can’t sleep at your destination, which often results in extreme tiredness the next day. This maybe cause a cumulative effect by second and third day of any trip . All is out of your normal timezone.
2) Feeling tired, sluggish, slow thinking, mental processing and muscle cramps.

Many people often consider these symptoms the same thing, but I’ve learned they  often come from two different sources.

At first , your body is not used to going to sleep at a different time. This is further exaggerated when you cross timezones of 3 or more hours . In my experience,  to mitigate this, try to get on destination timezone while you’re on the plane (sleep if it’s night time at your destination, stay awake if it’s day time at your destination).  Exercise during the day, never at night time. Avoid consuming caffeine in the evenings before bed. Don’t over-eat during the day . As this slows your body down during the digestion process, instead eat less food but more often throughout the day .

Second ,perhaps you feel sluggish. Your brain takes more time than usual to process thoughts and questions. Perhaps you have muscle cramps or other body aches.  This is a result of dehydration (loss of body water and electrolytes like sodium). This dehydration starts on your airplane voyage.  As airplane cabins are commonly pressurized to 6900ft above sea level, this already puts most people in deficit and they don’t even realize it. To relieve this, drink water early and often. Carry a squirt bottle or cup of water with you  to remind yourself to drink.  They say if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!

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Really hope you can find the best way of getting over jet lag, enjoy your travel and business trip in different countries .


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