Is Taking a Nap Good or Bad for Your Health?

Is Taking a Nap during the Day Good or Bad for Your Health? Many people have a nap habit, in the process of nap, you can add some sleep, adjust some of our mental state, let us have the spirit to face the afternoon work or learning. For many people , the nap is a kind of habit . Nap is good or bad?  What kind of role? The following explain by the Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd. Although sleeping time is short, but there are "skillfully deflected" effect. Nap can enhance people's "essence of God", hot weather effect is particularly evident. If you want to start lunch break , the following describes the medical experts to provide some of the rules, hope to [...]

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What kind of insomnia do i have ?

Nowadays, insomnia has begun to become a common disease in daily life. More and more people are troubled by it. So that their lives and work can not be normal. However, for insomnia, now most people have their own wrong understanding . They always think that it is just sleep issue, not harmful to our body. In fact, insomnia is not a serious disease . But if for a long time, it will bring us the serious harm.So we can not ignore it . What are the different types of insomnia in clinical? Look at what type you have . According to different symptoms, we can divide it into three types: 1, Difficult to sleep (more than 30 minutes can not sleep), it is starting insomnia. 2, Can [...]

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PEGASI got the best sleep solution award

PEGASI got award for the best sleep solution during Global Resource Show The world's largest electronic product procurement event "Global Sources Electronics Show" in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo has come to an end, but its influence has been spreading. In this exhibition, Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd with PEGASI , with its unique and sleep design for the overall solution to attract visitors and the media attention. You can see the banners with PEGASI  everywhere during Electronic exhibition. Bright blue and white highlights avant-garde fashion sense of science and technology, sleep improvement and personalized monitoring main health. It  is to create a healthy sleep in the field of precedent, stand out from multiply electronic products .Rolling momentum strong VR / AR, robots and other products. The glasses [...]

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Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy?

Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy? According to a statistics, China's urban residents in varying degrees of sleep problems, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities . 70% of the respondents had sleep problems, and insomnia crowd distribution in the 18-55 years old, education Mostly in college or above. In the solution to the huge demand for sleep crisis, around the "sleep economy" also produced a huge sleep industry. Nowadays a variety of brands aimed at the sleep market, intelligent sleep products after another. PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses claim to be able to monitor sleep quality, provide personalized sleep advice, and improve sleep quality. Is PEGASI smart sleep glasses really useful? PEGASI in Jingdong public platform to promote the product [...]

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