Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy?

Is blue light really helpful to sleep therapy?

According to a statistics, China’s urban residents in varying degrees of sleep problems, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities . 70% of the respondents had sleep problems, and insomnia crowd distribution in the 18-55 years old, education Mostly in college or above. In the solution to the huge demand for sleep crisis, around the “sleep economy” also produced a huge sleep industry. Nowadays a variety of brands aimed at the sleep market, intelligent sleep products after another. PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses claim to be able to monitor sleep quality, provide personalized sleep advice, and improve sleep quality. Is PEGASI smart sleep glasses really useful?

PEGASI in Jingdong public platform to promote the product package, including a PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses and MI bracelet. PEGASI packaging using the classic heaven and earth box, white with blue LOGO, simple and stylish.

For those who wear glasses, PEGASI can also use the same. Instantly turned into big actress in science fiction , the function is the eye with blue light. It is a regulation of sleep products, show friends circle is only the first step. The editor began to use it  accordance with the instructions. Open PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses, 7 am to 9am wearing for 25 minutes.

PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses works

PEGASI wavelength through the regulation of human cortisol secretion, and then regulate the human body clock, improve the quality of human sleep. Cortisol makes people energetic. PEGASI stimulate the secretion of cortisol. People in the daytime vigorous, wear PEGASI for about 25mins during 7am to 9am , to ensure the effect of the realization.

And on the issue of blue PEGASI, the eiditor still feel afraid of the eye will be harmful .After all, it is directly against the eyes, 25 minutes will not feel , but for a long time will not affect the vision? Blu-ray positive effects include the formation of Blue vision, inhibition of melatonin secretion, stimulation of pine secretion. The blue light component produced by the typical LED at the same color temperature. It is not higher than the blue light component produced by the other light source . It is much lower than the blue radiation dose in the sunlight.

PEGASI in addition to regulating sleep, you can also monitor the sleep state. For different sleep data, open a different sleep treatment program. And these need to bind mobile phone APP sleep to achieve. Through the Bluetooth can be directly PEGASI and send sleep data to establish a connection, but to know the real-time sleep data,  also need to bind the MI bracelet. Bind the bracelet, the sleep can be synchronized to understand the sleep situation, while the analysis of sleep data. Total of three functions: synchronization and recording sleep data, sleep adjustment, sleep friends interaction. Sleep data will show sleep time, sleep scores, deep sleep and so on.

PEGASI trial effect: wake up in the morning

The editor  often staying up late to work , does not belong to sleep well .Each time the finished class can fall asleep, that is, do not come up in the morning, struggling to go to work every day. PEGASI sleep monitoring data, the editor ‘s score has been low. At first thought that the glasses for me not too much effect, but insisted that a week later . obviously wake up naturally , and the spirit is better than before.

PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses in the design is very bright, simple fashion, wear is also very comfortable, later to increase the size of the adjustment or configuration size will be better, after use, there is a significant improvement in sleep feeling.

Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd. is a new type of Internet company focused on the field of sleep. PEGASI ™ is the world’s first closed-loop sleep optimization product, providing large data analysis of different populations through the cloud platform to provide customized, personalized sleep solutions. Tests show that the product can solve more than 90% of the population’s sleep problems.

Blue light for sleep therapy , just try Pegasi sleep glasses , say goodbye to your sleep problems .

I just uploaded some file on google drive , you also can click  here to check  the literature about how the blue light is workable to sleep therapy .


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