How to improve sleep quality ?

improve sleep quality

What we should do to  improve our sleep quality? We would like to give you some advice , follow the below good habits . It will be helpful to improve your sleep quality .

1, Doing relax activities before going to bed

1 to 2 hours before going to bed should stop the tension and physical labor, do some minor relaxation activities. Such as  outdoor air fresh place , slowly walk for half an hour, or playing tai chi, doing aerobics, self-massage about the back, listen to light music ……so that relax the brain and the whole body muscles , it is very helpful to sleep.

2, Should not be excited before going to bed

Sleep is the protective response of brain neurons to excitatory inhibition. If you are too excited before going to bed, it will be bound to affect the inhibition process. The performance of sleep difficulties or sleep more dreams, so that the brain can not get enough rest. Therefore, half an hour before going to bed can not be violent activities. You should not be loudly frolic, watching TV or movies too late. Students should not read books before going to bed. Try to avoid thinking problems. Do not listen to the breathtaking story , worry about other things of fantasy , or make the cerebral cortex , to  avoid sustained excitement. In addition, environmental factors such as noise, light, noise, or vibration should be eliminated.

3, Wash your feet before going to bed

Wash hands and face before going to bed. You can clean the palms and facial skin, promote the head and forehead of the blood circulation. The cerebral cortex is a mild stimulus, which is helpful to sleep . Bedtime feet, you can clean the dust and sweat, eliminate foot odor, reduce the chance of fungal infection, but also help keep the bedding, bed sheets clean. At the same time, can also promote lower limb blood circulation, to eliminate the heavy side of the lower limbs, is conducive to restore physical strength. More importantly, with a warm bubble foot is a soft and benign stimulation, can promote people to quickly fall asleep, and much more deep sleep.

4, Open the window before going to bed

People also need adequate oxygen to sleep to maintain the needs of body metabolism. Open the window before going to bed ventilation, to ensure that the indoor air fresh, adequate oxygen, can sleep quickly and deep sleep.

5, Do not eat before going to bed

The body in the sleep time, the brain cells in a rest state, digestive system activity slowed down. If you eat before going to bed, especially eating greasy food, or eat too full, will increase the burden of gastrointestinal. As the stomach contains food, diaphragm upward lift, chest compression, people lying in bed will feel poor breathing, affecting the depth of sleep. Ancient physicians said: “stomach does not food, then sleep soundly.” Eating before going to bed will hinder sleep, sleep more dreams.

6, Drink less water before going to bed

If you drink more water before going to bed, or eat more water containing food (such as watermelon, porridge), due to bladder filling, continue to send the stimulus signal to the cerebral cortex, sleep will be unstable. The middle of the night up the number of urine more, both disturb the sleep, and easy to catch cold .

7, Doing an action every morning

An action, easy “wear” away your life is tired, PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses is safe, healthy and efficient, just a simple action, you can meet the natural, healthy habits and full of mental state at the same time , Get positive energy for healthy living. While avoiding the side effects of taking the drug.

Good sleep quality with good habits

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Good habits are very  important to improve our sleep quality ,which is really good for our health , we should pay high attention to it .


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