10 05, 2018

Secrets of better sleep

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From birth, we spend a third of our lives asleep. After decades of research, we’re still not sure why. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that sleep is important. It rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind, and if you go too long without it, it can literally kill you. Electricity, large pharmaceutical companies and [...]

9 05, 2018

Chronic Intractable Insomnia

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With the progress of society, people’s work pressure is getting bigger and bigger. Chronic Intractable Insomnia not only affects our body, but also has a great impact on our lives. Therefore, we must pay attention to insomnia and value our body. There are many reasons for insomnia. To treat insomnia, you need to find out [...]

7 05, 2018

How to reduce sleep but stay healthy

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How to reduce sleep but stay healthy? We often notice some questions on Quora something like this , How to Condition Your Body to Need Less Sleep? How do I scientifically reduce sleep duration and stay healthy? How long do we need to sleep? Everyone will have different needs, but "best to guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep [...]

5 05, 2018

Optimize sleep with black technology

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PEGASI is on Landmark Plaza Nasdaq big screen, sleep problems solution with black technology With the continuous changes in the lifestyle of modern people, health problems come one after another. Among them, the sleep problem is the primary problem of health problems. It not only affects people's physical health, but also affects people's academic performance, [...]

28 04, 2018

Is Taking a Nap during the Day Good or Bad for Your Health?

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Is Taking a Nap during the Day Good or Bad for Your Health? Many people have a nap habit, in the process of nap, you can add some of our sleep, adjust some of our mental state, let us have the spirit to face the afternoon work or learning. The Chinese nap into a Kind of [...]

18 10, 2017

What is the best method of getting over jet lag?

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Many people always leave questions like this what is the best method of getting over jet lag on Quora . Do you have any problems of getting over jet lag when you are on travel ? Maybe most of us are very frustrated when we suffer from jet lag, we would like to share with [...]

26 07, 2017

Sleep disorders treatment

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How to get good sleep disorders treatment? Now most of the hospital neurology and psychological outpatient clinics received sleep disorders, two-thirds because of "sleep at night." But sleep disorders are not just insomnia, but also the amount of sleep abnormalities and abnormal sleep quality. Sleep too much, as a result of various encephalopathy, endocrine disorders, [...]

13 07, 2017

Is your sleep quality qualified?

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Some sleep problems are obvious. If you are awake in the bed all night or every hour will wake up, then your sleep is obviously a problem. But sometimes, sleep quality problems are not so obvious. And until now, there is no official index to define in the end what is "good sleep."The good news [...]

12 07, 2017

sleep disorder definition

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Sleep disorders, often due to long-term ideological contradictions or heavy mental burden . Mental workers, work and rest with long-term improper handling, illness and other reasons caused by frail. Understanding of the nature of the disease, the onset is slowly occurring, longer duration, often repeated, but the prognosis is good. The following is to  introduce [...]