How much sleep time do we need?

With the increasing intensity of work, many people like to sleep late on the weekend. They feel that it can make up the sleep . In fact, to keep a good biological clock ,it is much more healthy than sleepy, because sleepiness may bring a lot of disease.

Risk 1: More sleep , more lazier, intellectual decline

Most people will think that the elimination of fatigue should be more sleep. In fact, if want to increase the sleep time to get a healthy idea, it is completely wrong. People will become lazy, weak, and even intelligence will gradually decline if  sleep time is too long. Sleeping people stay exciting for a long time during sleep , and other nerve centers . Because of the inhibition of the time is too long, the function of recovery activities will become relatively slow, and therefore, will feel drowsy all day , listless, and even mental decline.

Risk 2: Stroke and diabetes

The survey found that people have the daily sleep time in 7 to 8 hours , their body is the most healthy. If you sleep less than 6 hours, the risk of diabetes will increase about 2 times. If the sleep time is more than 8 hours, the risk of diabetes will increase by 3 times. Sleep less than 6 hours a day will damage a person’s health. At the same time, sleep more than 9 hours will also be harmful to health. In the sleep time survey, the lowest sleep rate was about 7 hours. One day sleep time average of 4 hours or less, or 10 hours or more people, whether male or female, the mortality rate is quite high.

Risk 3: Respiratory tract, heart and digestive diseases

Xiao Li is a school teacher, like sleep late, he often sleep more than 10 hours during summer vacation. Although the sleep time is very adequate, but he found that his body is still relatively poor, often at every turn on the cold. The doctor helped him and analyzed that he often had a cold, it is related with his sleepiness.

The air of bedroom is most dirty in the morning, even the window is open, some of the air is not in circulation. For those who have long-term sleep time and closed the door during sleep. Exercise is less, plus a dirty air for long time, it is easy to cause cold, cough and other symptoms. If you sleep too much, and also unable to eat on time, gastrointestinal hunger peristalsis, it will disrupt the secretion of gastric juice, affecting digestive function.

Healthy sleep time is 6 to 8 hours

How long does it take to stay healthy every day? Experts say that for adults, 6 to 8 hours is the standard sleep time they need. The elderly in this standard and then reduce the 1 to 2 hours, young people can increase 1 to 2 hours. For infants and young children, sleep time will take longer. How much time is the most healthy? It it decided according to their own situation. To determine their own healthy standard sleep time, it should be not feel tired, but feel energetic next day .

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