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Sleep disorder, often due to long-term ideological contradictions or heavy mental burden . Mental workers, work and rest with long-term improper handling, illness and other reasons caused by frail. Understanding of the nature of the disease, the onset is slowly occurring, longer duration, often repeat, but the prognosis is good.

The following is to  introduce sleep disorders FAQ answers.

World Sleep Day, survey a million people, 45% of people have different sleep disorders. Sleep disorders have two kinds of performance, one is difficult to sleep. If lying in bed for 30 minutes still can not sleep, and maintain for some time, may be a problem. In addition, sleep disorders also reflect in the maintenance of sleep. Some people often wake up at three or four o’clock in the morning, they can not sleep, or sleep a few times to wake up several times, which also belong to a sleep disorder.

One of the most health problems for mental workers is insomnia. Serious people, when the black began , they need to worry about, “I do not know sleep today do not sleep?” Into the winter, long night can not sleep ,the feel is very uncomfortable. Many people may be a long illness into medicine, their sleep problems attribute to neurasthenia. However, the doctors point out that sleep disorders and neurasthenia are not same. At present, there is no good way to treat neurasthenia, but simple sleep disorders can be done through treatment and debugging.

Overcome the sleep disorder from these aspects.

The first to give yourself a comfortable sleeping space. The bed is comfortable, the bedroom is best to hang shade effect of good curtains. While the doors and windows sealed work well, save the noise outside to your rest.

Second, the winter weather is very dry, we should put a humidifier or a glass of water in the bedroom.

Third, central nervous excitement of drugs, coffee, tea, chocolate, should not choose before going to bed . Some people think that drinking wine can help sleep, it is not true, many people drink after waking up, feeling weak, the head is also faint, it is alcohol to reduce the quality of sleep.

To sleep well, it is necessary to develop good regular  sleep.

To overcome sleep disorders ,patients should do not take their own drugs unless under the guidance of doctor.


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