How To Use ?

1. Wear the glasses correctly. The width of the nose pads can be adjusted.

2. Turn on: Click the button on the right side.

3. It will turn off automatically after 30 minutes use, or you can click the button on the right side if you finish your treatment.

4. Continuously use it for 30 minutes between 7 am – 9 am. You can see the changes in 7 days!

Tips: Normally, using 30 minutes between 7am-9am in the morning can help to improve your sleep quality at night. If your energy level is low during the day, choose to use this product as needed. For more details, please refer to the user manual or our official website.

Please note that PEGASI glasses only works when the specific green light casts on our eyes. Make sure your eyes are fully covered by the light. Otherwise, the light doesn’t work at all.

Situations you can use PEGASI

1. Basically, as long as PEGASI won’t block your vision and bring some risk while you doing something, such as driving, you can always use it.

2. You can use it while running, exercising, brushing teeth, eating, and so on. Adjust the nose pad to make sure PEGASI won’t fall down while you using it.

3. As long as your glass frame won’t be too thick to block the specific wavelength light, and the lens is not blue light blocking, you can use PEGASI while wearing prescription glasses.

4. You can watch TV, use phone or laptop while using PEGASI. Electronic screen won’t diminish the effect of the light.

Q:Can I return back to you if the glasses is not helpful ?

A:Actually our glasses is really helpful to a lot of people , but we promise that if it is not helpful to you within 30 days , you can return back to us and we will refund.

Q:What makes these glasses unique from its competitors (such as AYO ,Re-timer and SEQINETIC )?

AYO ,Blue light -single wavelength

Re-timer ,Green light- single wavelength.

SEQINETIC,White light ,mainly for Northern European markets .

PEGASI,   light is compound light red and  green , which come with bistable technology and variable wavelength.

Q:I want to have exact technique detail, such as wavelength of light, to prove that bluelight of PEGASI is not harmful but good, versus blue light from monitor, mobile phone, etc

A:The bluelight is compound light of blue and green , which come with bistable technology and variable wavelength , and the wavelength is 475-480nm

I just uploaded some literature about blue light on google drive, you also can click the below link to check .


Q:It is widely said that 92% of working for testers. Can I have detail of the test?

A: The testers are those who have sleep problems, such as early wake up , difficult in falling asleep , bad sleep quality , we have no details for the test , all feedbacks are from our tester and customers , actually our sleep galsses is really helpful to them.

Q: I read user manual , found that 7PM to 9PM usage recommendation for early wakeup person. Not in any other places. How does it work?

A:Generally 7am-9am or PM is illustrated in the user manual for different sleep problems and for other issues something like to be energetic, just wear it when you need.

Sun raise up at 6am and your biological clock is not exposed to light until around 7-9 o ‘clock

PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses affect the body’s secretion of melatonin and cortisol through the light effect, reduce the melatonin in the human blood during the day, increase the secretion of cortisol, thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue, making people’s spirit, concentration, and work efficiency.At night, the melatonin in the human blood is increased, and the secretion of cortisol is reduced, thereby shortening the time of falling asleep, reducing the excitement at night, and improving the quality of sleep. In this way, people’s work and sleep cycles are alternately adjusted.

  1. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, and if it increases in the blood, it will make people tired and lethargic; if it is reduced, which makes people spirit and excited;
  2. Cortisol is a stress hormone that provides people with the ability to concentrate and boost immunity. However, when cortisol is too high for a long time, people will feel fatigue and reduce efficiency.

Q:Is it helpful if i eat some melatonin before?

A: Actually if you eat melatonin before , our glasses is not helpful  enough as those who did not eat melatonin. It is not a good way to take melatonin all time to treat your sleep problems, maybe you can say goodbye to medicine now, but try a better way .