How do I fix my sleep deprivation?

  sleep deprivation

How do I fix my sleep deprivation?

If you are always difficult in falling asleep at night or wake up many times. It will result in no spirit during the day, it should be noted that sleep quality deterioration.

Recently a foreign university professor of medicine, who studies that the most likely to steal sleep at night. Which are the following thieves and gives a solution.

Think too much.

When you have racked your brains for work during the day, or just have had a dispute with people. It is often harder to fall asleep at this night. ” It is difficult to control their own thoughts when sleeping even awake.”  He said.

Solution: Get up. Do not turn on the lights, which will make your anxiety naturally disappear. And then back to bed to sleep. There is also another way before going to bed , write down your troubles and possible solutions . It will not be anxious.

Chaotic bedroom

American Psychology Research shows that the chaotic sleep environment will bring people messy mood.  Bedside accumulation of documents, debris, which will make people sleep.

Solution: Clear all the sleep-nothing things in the bedroom. The brain will automatically begin to associate the room with sleep,” says Lawrence . MD of the Boston Sleep Health Research Center.


Do not believe that sometimes snoring can be as high as 90 decibels, which is equivalent to a blender. Even if you can sometimes sleep in the snare of the pillow . It will be his “call” and “suck” between a steeply high level awakened, thus disturbing your deep sleep.

Solution: Let your partner try to sleep side by side, if you can not work, you can wear anti-noise earplugs.

Fluctuating hormones

For women, menstrual fluctuations before and after the estrogen and progesterone will destroy your sleep, menopausal women will encounter similar problems, sometimes woke up because of hot flashes.

Solution: wash a hot bath before going to bed, or eat a non-prescription painkillers, can help you overcome the premenstrual insomnia. Menopausal women to develop long-term fitness program, while do not drink coffee afternoon.

Subtle sound source

For some people, any subtle voice will make them sleepless nights. The quarrels from the neighbors, the noise from the TV, and the car on the street, will affect the quality of sleep.

Solution: Detroit Henry Ford Hospital Professor Ross said that not the sound itself makes you difficult to sleep, but the noise about by “there is a ride did not take a ride” interference. The best way is to open the fan next to the room, so that this continuous and weak noise to cover those irregular noise.

Hungry before going to bed.

Many people think that it is physical disadvantage eating before going to bed . especially  for the women , they feel that eating before going to bed is not easy to digest (digest food), will affect the body. It will be panic once hungry and it affects the sleep. Experts say that if hungry before going to sleep, it is better to eat some foods rich in carbohydrates, such as biscuits, bread slices, these foods containing carbohydrates, can effectively increase the body’s blood to promote sleep – tryptophan. But avoid those high-protein and high-fat foods , because high-protein, high-fat foods will make the body produce difficult to digest the acidic substances, thereby stimulating the stomach affect sleep.

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