Is your sleep quality qualified?

sleep quality with smart glasses

Some sleep problems are obvious. If you wake up  in the bed all night or every hour , then your sleep is obviously a problem. But sometimes, sleep quality problems are not so obvious. And until now, there is no official index to define in the end what is “good sleep.”There is  good news . Last month the National Sleep Association in the “sleep health” journals published a “sleep quality recommendations”. Which is the history of the first more stringent recommendations on the quality of sleep indicators. These guidelines were developed by a medical expert committee on 277 related studies. We can use it to give some standards and test their own sleep quality.

Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, sleep expert Philip German. Pointed out that if someone worried about their own sleep quality . You can use these new standards for self-test. ” It not only makes people aware of the lack of quality sleep, but also allows some people who think they are poor quality of sleep. To understand their quality of sleep is still in the normal category. (German did not participate in these new guidelines )

These guidelines have identified “appropriate” and “inappropriate” categories on several indicators. These indicators include the time required to sleep, wake up several times a night, from wake up to sleep time again, and sleep time , bed time ratio and so on. According to these findings, adult sleep quality should at least meet the following criteria. In addition, German also provided some advice on how to achieve these goals.

Sleep within 30 minutes

If you need to  fall asleep more than half an hour at night, it is probably due to two reasons. “Either for your biological clock, you go to bed too early, your physical and psychological is not ready to sleep; You have done some irritating activity before going to bed.

Sleep too much is also not good

German also said that it was very frustrating to sleep for a long time, and could lead to anxiety and persistent sleep problems.  In order to avoid this, you’d better spend an hour before going to bed or to do some relaxing activity . Do not send and receive work-related e-mail, do not play the computer. If it does not work, you can postpone some of your own sleep time, when you really feel tired and go to bed again.

Wake up every night (more than five minutes) 

(For older people over 65 years old, it is also acceptable to wake up twice a day.) Gulman said: “If you wake up several times at night, and then turn over and fall asleep, this is not a problem. “But if you worry that you are awake too often, then you should go and see the doctor.”

“There may be signs of reflux. It may be that the interval between eating and sleeping is too short.”  He said: “There may also be sleep apnea, or due to other pain or discomfort.” If you can not find a clear reason , you have to reflect to the doctor.

Re-sleep within 20 minutes

(The old man may take 30 minutes.) “Normally, after 10 to 15 minutes of wake up, our body is still calm and relaxed. Once you have passed this point in time, you will find yourself sleeping, your body. It will trigger a series of reactions that will make you more and more clear.

“You can get out of bed to do some relaxing activity once you wake up . It is best not to watch TV or play a computer,” he said. You can read the book, listen to podcasts, play playing color palette. This seems to be counterintuitive, but this distraction is exactly what your brain needs to re-enter into sleep.

85% of the time in bed was sleeping

If you can achieve the above three criteria, then the last one is a matter of course. We’d better remember that the bedroom should be just sleep . He said: “try not to use the bed for other purposes”. Especially watching TV, playing mobile phones or do anything related to work.

The release of the quality of sleep standards have been the American Society of Anatomy , The American Society of Neurology. The American Physiology Society .The American Society of Gerontology .Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.The Rhythm of the Rhythm Association .The Human Development Research Association The Women’s Health Research Association and other health organizations . The authors suggest that these new indicators can help doctors and patients better identify sleep health and provide a high reference value to millions of consumers who use commercial sleep monitoring equipment.

Sleep monitor is just for reference

But German also warned, do not overly believe in sleep monitoring equipment data. Although sleep monitoring technology has been studied for many years. Many research-level equipment is also quite good, but the accuracy of commercial-grade products is no evidence to confirm. Some studies have also shown that the accuracy of commercial sleep monitoring equipment is completely different from that of scientists and sleep doctors using scientific research equipment.

“They can provide some useful information, but your trust in it should be reserved.” He also said, to know your sleep quality, your own feelings (whether it is day or Night) should still be your most important indicator.



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