Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ?

Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin

Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ? Be careful to some details. 

Mention melatonin, although many insomnia are common, but many people are still superficial for its understanding . In the short term, melatonin has a certain effect on most of the insomnia patients. But we can not take melatonin for a long time, and we should take it  under the advice and guidance of the doctor. Here we specifically understand the melatonin:

1.Melatonin secretion shows a natural law

Melatonin is actually a hormone secreted by the body itself, derived from the human brain pineal gland. As a health care product, its role is to adjust the sleep awakening cycle and promote sleep.

Normal body endocrine melatonin with circadian rhythm. Light will inhibit the secretion, so it does not produce melatonin during the day.  Dark to promote secretion. So the beginning of a large of melatonin secretion will promote during night ,and it will reach peak during1-3 am .

The elderly people sleep less, also have a certain relationship with melatonin . The secretion of melatonin is relevant to age. People in childhood, melatonin secretion is most exuberant, so sleep more .Then with age growing , melatonin secretion gradually weakened . At the old stage , secretion was significantly reduced, many people will appear sleep disorders at this time .

2.Do not take a lot of melatonin for long time

As a health care product, we do not recommmend to take a lot of melatonin for a long time. Because this may affect the body’s normal secretion of melatonin. Under normal circumstances, the body secrete melatonin content is very low. If extra makeup of excessive melatonin, may lead to the body of thyroxine, adrenaline concentration is relatively reduced,  and people will be apathetic and sleepy. The consequences will be dangerous for those who drive, operate mechanically and engage in dangerous operations.

A small number of studies have shown that some patients taking melatonin will cause memory loss .Taking high doses of melatonin may also make cerebral vasoconstriction . For stroke patients is undoubtedly worse. Of course, these evidence are not sufficient and require a large number of clinical studies to demonstrate.

3.Be aware of melatonin “illegal addition”

There are many melatonin health products on the market in sales, a wide variety. Some claim to improve sleep health care products.  Although the declared ingredients did not mention melatonin, but the actual detection found melatonin. This behavior belongs to the “illegal addition” .

In fact, if melatonin is due to decrease of melatonin secretion, supplementation of melatonin may have some effect. In addition, due to shift work, time difference caused by sleep disorders, supplemental melatonin will also promote sleep. However, for some physical factors or psychological causes of insomnia, melatonin effect will not be obvious.

4.Method of taking melatonin

At present, most melatonin products are oral. In recent years the market also appeared sublingual melatonin products . Including tablets and sprays, which can improve the body’s absorption rate. Recommended to take it in advance 1 to 2 hours before going to bed . Dosage: daily dose of 0.5 to 5 mg is appropriate.

Modern people appear insomnia symptoms have many factors .You must be clear to your own symptoms before drug treatment . In addition, melatonin does not have effects to all insomnia .If insomnia is not improved for a long time, we must look for medical treatment as soon as possible. The current advances in medical technology to physical treatment gradually into everyone’s vision . Insomnia patients may wish to try new physical therapy to alleviate insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ? You must be careful to above advices.

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