How to find happiness in insomnia ?

Find happiness in insomnia

How to find happiness in insomnia ? Insomnia is like a small window in a dark city. Is it a solitary night tour or a desperate search for a lost person? The song of”Tonight no one sleeps” makes our night more beautiful than the day. Is that true?

Insomnia is a very common phenomenon.

According to the psychological statistics, 10% of people have more serious insomnia, 35 to 50% of people will occasionally have insomnia. 2/3 of the insomnia is female. Insomnia between 20 and 30 years old (adult world stage) and 50 to 60 years old (menopause, retirement, etc.) will increase.

We do not regard insomnia as a disease.  Insomnia is caused by anxiety, depression, pain or other mental problems . By treating or improving the way of life, we can get a good sleep.

Real or fake insomnia?

The understanding of sleep is different. Some insomnia complain that they sleep well, but do not know their sleep time is very short. While some people are happy to have more time to live. So is it real or fake insomnia? There are two possibilities . Because we have to bear those who can not sleep during the trouble of the night.

If the adult sleep time is 6 to 8 hours, then the actual sleep time for most of us is longer than the required sleep time. For us, sleep is not only affected by physiology, but also by society. As we often say to the children: “it ‘s time to go to bed.

French psychiatrist Patrick Rimo said: “Let someone who always can not sleep all the night return to normal sleep, it often takes a long time. The first treatment of psychotherapists is to let patients understand and not fear of insomnia. So that insomnia will be into benign factors. Let them learn to fall in love with insomnia and the loss of sleep will be converted to the time. “Insomnia is a temporary dark, those who keep fighting with them should be truce.

Someone loves insomnia.

They are very excited to date every day during the night . In their view, insomnia can make them break through the taboo. It can make people more courageous and creative. Especially from the time of flight to steal a moment . For artists and writers, insomnia is an unexpected harvest.

Enjoy insomnia, rather than fear of insomnia.

We will get an unexpected harvest.

To embrace insomnia,it bring us more time.

Efficient management of sleep allows us to find happiness in insomnia.

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