Is your sleep quality qualified?

Some sleep problems are obvious. If you wake up  in the bed all night or every hour , then your sleep is obviously a problem. But sometimes, sleep quality problems are not so obvious. And until now, there is no official index to define in the end what is "good sleep."There is  good news . Last month the National Sleep Association in the "sleep health" journals published a "sleep quality recommendations". Which is the history of the first more stringent recommendations on the quality of sleep indicators. These guidelines were developed by a medical expert committee on 277 related studies. We can use it to give some standards and test their own sleep quality. Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, sleep [...]

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Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ?

Treatment of insomnia by eating melatonin ? Be careful to some details.  Mention melatonin, although many insomnia are common, but many people are still superficial for its understanding . In the short term, melatonin has a certain effect on most of the insomnia patients. But we can not take melatonin for a long time, and we should take it  under the advice and guidance of the doctor. Here we specifically understand the melatonin: 1.Melatonin secretion shows a natural law Melatonin is actually a hormone secreted by the body itself, derived from the human brain pineal gland. As a health care product, its role is to adjust the sleep awakening cycle and promote sleep. Normal body endocrine melatonin with circadian rhythm. Light will inhibit the [...]

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How to find happiness in insomnia ?

How to find happiness in insomnia ? Insomnia is like a small window in a dark city. Is it a solitary night tour or a desperate search for a lost person? The song of"Tonight no one sleeps" makes our night more beautiful than the day. Is that true? Insomnia is a very common phenomenon. According to the psychological statistics, 10% of people have more serious insomnia, 35 to 50% of people will occasionally have insomnia. 2/3 of the insomnia is female. Insomnia between 20 and 30 years old (adult world stage) and 50 to 60 years old (menopause, retirement, etc.) will increase. We do not regard insomnia as a disease.  Insomnia is caused by anxiety, depression, pain or other mental problems . By treating or improving the way [...]

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How much sleep time do we need?

With the increasing intensity of work, many people like to sleep late on the weekend. They feel that it can make up the sleep . In fact, to keep a good biological clock ,it is much more healthy than sleepy, because sleepiness may bring a lot of disease. Risk 1: More sleep , more lazier, intellectual decline Most people will think that the elimination of fatigue should be more sleep. In fact, if want to increase the sleep time to get a healthy idea, it is completely wrong. People will become lazy, weak, and even intelligence will gradually decline if  sleep time is too long. Sleeping people stay exciting for a long time during sleep , and other nerve centers . Because of the inhibition of [...]

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Overcome sleep disorder

Sleep disorder, often due to long-term ideological contradictions or heavy mental burden . Mental workers, work and rest with long-term improper handling, illness and other reasons caused by frail. Understanding of the nature of the disease, the onset is slowly occurring, longer duration, often repeat, but the prognosis is good. The following is to  introduce sleep disorders FAQ answers. World Sleep Day, survey a million people, 45% of people have different sleep disorders. Sleep disorders have two kinds of performance, one is difficult to sleep. If lying in bed for 30 minutes still can not sleep, and maintain for some time, may be a problem. In addition, sleep disorders also reflect in the maintenance of sleep. Some people often wake up at three or four [...]

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6 benefits you should know about better sleep.

In modern society, people lack of sleep has become a common phenomenon. According to our health authority statistics, 84% of urban residents in China can not guarantee normal sleep.  32% of people are suffering from sleep disease. People often say that good sleep can make the day's work doubled efficiency and face looks ruddy. Here we take a look at what is the benefit of sleep. 6 benefits you should know about better sleep. Qing Dynasty writer Li Yu said: "health tactics with sleep."  Shakespeare also said "sleep is the source of all energy, it is the patient's elixir."  The ancients have such a clear understanding of sleep.  In the pace of modern life , it is extremely compact, but people do not pay attention to sleep. [...]

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Optimize sleep with black technology

Sleep problems solution with black technology With the continuous changes in the lifestyle of modern people, health problems come one after another. Among them, the sleep problem is the primary of health . Because it not only affects people's physical health, but also affects people's academic performance, work and life. In order to find out the solution of sleep problems , the PEGASI  team has introduced cutting-edge technology from the United States.  Further more it is jointly developed with the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Aerospace Shenzhou Biological Group, and HKUST News to jointly optimize sleep. Hence the black technology products - PEGASI smart sleep glasses, designed to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Pegasi showed in Nasdaq [...]

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Elderly insomnia treatment , medication should be cautious

Elderly insomnia treatment , medication should be cautious . Adequate sleep, balanced diet and proper exercise are recognized as the three health standards by the international community.  As the saying goes: "sleep well,eighty years old is not old." Good sleep is the basis of health. With the growing age , many elderly people began to suffer from insomnia. Have to fall asleep, awakening during sleep, early awakening and other insomnia symptoms, which become more serious social health problems. Experts said with age growing, the elderly nervous , endocrine ,cardiovascular ,digestive and metabolic system are degraded. The body's self-repair function is also weakened. If you can not guarantee adequate high-quality sleep, it is easy to cause a system of disease, and even lead to depression [...]

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14 ways to teach you how to get into deep sleep

    Do not sleep well? I believe a lot of people are troubled by the problem. Into the deep sleep you need to do a few things before going to bed. Wash your face and teeth. Drink a cup of warm water. Go to the bathroom to solve the worries. Lie in bed after taking a deep breath 3 times, each breath is not less than 25 seconds, breathing to be uniform, detailed and long. Simple and objective review of the day of things,. Relax the body, body posture is upright, arms flat on both sides of the body, legs naturally start, do not cross, , chest and abdomen. Do not cover the thick quilt. Cover the thickness and weight to be uniform. Eyes [...]

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How to avoid sleepwalking?

How to avoid sleepwalking ? There are a lot of people will appear sleepwalking phenomenon .For sleepwalking, what is the reason for the formation ? Studies have shown that sleepwalking is primarily the result of human brain cortical activity. Brain activity, including two processes of "excitement" and "suppression" Usually, people in the sleep, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of inhibition. If at this time, there is a group or several groups of movement of the nerve cells are still excited, which will cause sleepwalking. The scope of sleepwalking is often the most familiar environment for sleepwalkers and often repeated actions. Sleepwalking is often the topic of people talked about. People are very surprised by the phenomenon of sleepwalking, but also have [...]

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