How to avoid sleepwalking?

How to avoid sleepwalking ? There are a lot of people will appear sleepwalking phenomenon .For sleepwalking, what is the reason for the formation ?

Studies have shown that sleepwalking is primarily the result of human brain cortical activity.

Brain activity, including two processes of “excitement” and “suppression” Usually, people in the sleep, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of inhibition. If at this time, there is a group or several groups of movement of the nerve cells are still excited, which will cause sleepwalking.

The scope of sleepwalking is often the most familiar environment for sleepwalkers and often repeated actions. Sleepwalking is often the topic of people talked about. People are very surprised by the phenomenon of sleepwalking, but also have a series of obvious prejudice on sleepwalking.

Ordinary people think that sleepwalkers probably like the blind. In fact, sleepwalker’s eyes are half or full of open, they walk the same posture as usual. Ordinary people also think that sleepwalkers are daring. They will do some thrilling terrorist action. In fact, sleepwalkers seldom do more conventional things or make offensive behavior. Of course, sleepwalkers sometimes fall asleep due to distraction.

What is the cause of sleepwalking?

Ordinary people have a prejudice that we can not casually wake up sleepwalkers. Because sleepwalkers will be frightened if waken up suddenly. In fact, sleepwalkers are hard to wake up. Even if awakened,he will not go crazy, just feel puzzled. Some people think that sleepwalking is in fact dreaming. Psychologists can observe: sleepwalking often occurs in the dream of very few non-fast eye movement period.

How to avoid sleepwalking? Experts pointed out three points:

1, Reasonable arrangements for the time , to have a good sleep habits and daily life. To avoid fatigue and a high degree of tension. Pay attention to go to bed and get up early. Do some exercise. It will adjust sleep rhythm to the best condition.

2, Pay attention to sleep environment before going to bed . Closed doors and windows, collect a variety of dangerous items .So as not to loss when sleep out of travel or cause harm to themselves and others.

3, Pay attention to the protection of the medical system. It is not good to talk about the seriousness of their illness and sleepwalking in front of the child. Avoid to increase the children’s tension, anxiety and fear.

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