What is sleep disorder? What is the relationship with emotions?

What is sleep disorder? What is the relationship with emotions? Ordinary people once every 24 hours to wake up with the rhythm of sleep alternating. Sleep can be divided into normal phase sleep (non-fast eye movement sleep NREM) and different phase sleep (rapid eye movement sleep REM), healthy people sleep began in the normal phase of sleep o maintain 70 to 100 minutes after the transfer to different Phase sleep period, and then maintain 20 to 30 minutes and then transferred to the normal phase of sleep, so repeat about 4 to 6 times the amount of sleep often vary according to age. Newborns need to sleep 18 to 20 hours, children 12 to 14 hours, adults 7 to 9 hours, the elderly generally [...]

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Does the lack of sleep affect the brain?

Sleep is considered the steward of the brain, responsible for repairing and restoring the brain. The study included 147 adults aged from 20 to 84 years old. The researchers examined the association between insomnia (difficulty falling asleep and keeping awake at night) and brain capacity. All participants performed two nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) brain scans with an average interval of 3.5 years before conducting a questionnaire on sleep habits. 35% of the participants combined with poor sleep quality criteria, assessed the average score of sleep scores of 8.5, out of 21 points. Assess the need to observe how long sleep, how long to sleep, the use of sleeping pills, and other factors. During the study, insomnia was associated with a rapid decline in brain volume [...]

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Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills?

With the accelerated pace of life, insomnia has become a "first-class event" troubled many people .It should be the time to sleep, many people are over and over again, tossing and turning and fail to fall asleep. In order to be able to sleep well ,many people will take sleeping pills to achieve the effect of sleep. Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills? Insomnia is like a fever, itself is not a disease, just a symptom, it is important to find the reasons behind the insomnia, for transient insomnia caused by the environment, mood, diet, disease and drugs. it is a physiological reaction, do not be nervous, as long as the elimination of predisposing factors, sleep can return to normal, not necessarily [...]

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What is the difference between deep sleep and light sleep?

People often ask me some sleep problems .Sleep is the need of life, so people can not survive without sleep. About one third of life is spent in sleep, and sleep can restore the spirit and relieve fatigue. Today we will talk about what is the difference between deep sleep and light sleep? Human sleep is rhythmic, deep sleep and light sleep alternately repeated until awake. Studies have shown that in the deep sleep period, the human cerebral cortex cells is in a fully resting state. It is extremely important for the stability of the mood, balance of mind and recovery. Deep sleep is a part of sleep, only 25% of the total sleep time, which is also known as "golden sleep". At the same time, the [...]

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O’Neal was attracted by PEGASI Sleep Glasses during 2017 CES

In recent days, O’Neal came to China, many times in the blog said want to see Yao Ming, and 11 am, O’Neal finally got the wish This scene, so many fans began to recall youth, friends have emotion "Unforgettable Yao shark war, the league's last center war, when to be staged again." "Playing basketball in the most funny, laughter will play the most, the way to get a few championships" "There are Joe Choosing Joe, no Joe Shark" "O'Neal has been popular? Playing 2kol dynasty ranking you know" "Rivers and lakes resentment and hatred" NBA history, two great center, they walk in different ways. The effectiveness of the different teams, they never intersect the parallel lines are vulgar rivers and lakes, they love to kill [...]

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Blue light black technology

PEGASI Smart Sleep Eyewear: Adjust the sleep black technology with big data Scientists at the University of Brown have found that the human eye retina has a "third class" photoreceptor (ipRGC) that can receive light signals and project to the brain's biological clock regulator, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) Control of the pineal gland to regulate the level of human hormone secretion, can help humans regulate circadian rhythm and other biological effects. Since then, a Chinese scholar at Johns Hopkins University has discovered the nerve pathways that affect the secretion of melatonin from the human body and published the findings in the journal Nature. Soon, the scholar of Chinese students in the "nature" magazine to see this article, he will affect the principle of melatonin secretion [...]

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Insomnia is mainly caused by psychological factors?

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep, sleep is the body to restore, integrate and consolidate the memory of the important link. You are still suffering from insomnia? Do you want to improve their sleep quality? Then we first come to understand the reasons for insomnia? It is said that insomnia is mainly caused by psychological factors, were afraid of insomnia, dreams of psychological, self-blame Psychological, look forward to psychological, childhood trauma psychological reproduction. From the clinical point of view, by the physiological factors, disease factors, drug factors and diet factors caused by the number of cases is far less than the number of cases caused by psychological factors. Summarized, there are six types of psychological causes of insomnia is recognized [...]

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