O’Neal was attracted by PEGASI Sleep Glasses during 2017 CES

In recent days, O’Neal came to China, many times in the blog said want to see Yao Ming, and 11 am, O’Neal finally got the wish

This scene, so many fans began to recall youth, friends have emotion

“Unforgettable Yao shark war, the league’s last center war, when to be staged again.”

“Playing basketball in the most funny, laughter will play the most, the way to get a few championships”

“There are Joe Choosing Joe, no Joe Shark”

“O’Neal has been popular? Playing 2kol dynasty ranking you know”

“Rivers and lakes resentment and hatred”

NBA history, two great center, they walk in different ways. The effectiveness of the different teams, they never intersect the parallel lines are vulgar rivers and lakes, they love to kill each other.

Austrian fat was when Yao black

Speaking of this grudge, and more about the cultural differences between China and the West, the Chinese people’s traditional concept is humble and courteous, this is the continuation of the traditional Confucian concept. In the Western concept of heroism, they believe in conquest, believing the winner is king. In the eyes of O’Neill, only those who can conquer him will win his respect. So when Yao Ming came to the NBA, O’Neal on the younger generation is light.

“I want to let him try my big elbow.” The shark at that time put aside the ruthless. In an interview with a television station had cried to the camera: “tell Yao Ming, Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh”, O’Neal this paragraph no one can know the meaning, but from his expression and pronunciation. He is obviously imitated with the Chinese grumble said a lot of provocative words, this visit followed by fermentation, rose to racial discrimination level, O’Neal although apologize, but despised Yao Ming’s attitude has not changed.

In 2003 and 2004, Yao Ming twice to suppress O’Neal was elected All-Star West starting center. This makes the two-year all-star by many people called “Western civil war.” Was a starter to grab the limelight, sharks naturally not happy, especially in 2004 All-Star Game, Yao Ming, although 16 points and 4 rebounds, but 24 points and 11 rebounds O’Neal has finally won the MVP.

Yao Ming than O’Neal late for ten years, although the intersection of the two, but the peak period has been staggered, Dayao’s humility to let him feel that the predecessors only respect and study, then, O’Neal published that stimulating humiliation Yao speech, “I think O’Neal is just kidding, but this joke most of the Asians can not accept, two different cultures understand each other is not easy, it makes me feel that deepening understanding of the culture of other countries is very important ”

So, Yao Ming after entering the NBA began to study English, into the American culture, which is the key to his success, so that it can not only and teammates and coaches can communicate with the barrier, but also in an interview with a variety of “Yao Humor “, the United States will be funny round and round.

Later, once, Yao Ming in front of O’Neal resorted to a beautiful footsteps. “O’Neill said,” I said at the time, ‘this footsteps are good,’ Yao answered, ‘thank you, brother’. I went on to say, ‘You can speak English.’ Yao answered, ‘Yes, Shaq, but you never talk to me’. This gives O’Neal to Yao Ming have a further understanding.

Yao Ming in the next few years and O’Neal battle will be summed up every day, continue to learn from experience and lessons, access to the success of the way, O’Neal taught him that the game did not speak at all, want to make yourself strong, it must In the momentum to suppress each other, no one can be more than O’Neal to become his reference. Throughout the regular season career and O’Neill’s duel, Yao Ming’s rocket 7 wins and 6 losses, he averaged 18.6 points and 10.5 rebounds, and sharks averaged 22.9 points and 9.6 rebounds, is the existence of O’Neill, let Yao Ming’s data more gold, the same generation, no other center can be the same as Yao Ming come up with such results.

When O’Neill’s state began to decline, Yao Ming is entering the peak period, became the first center, once the NBA deliberately want to build a gimmick but make O’Neal forced a powerful Yao Ming.

Until the United States local time on April 1, 2009, this “resentment” finally vanished, in the Fool’s Day this special day, Yao shark duel to this end, in 2011, the two were simultaneously retired, hand farewell to the stage. He and Yao Ming’s “emotional” disputes from this come to an end, Yao Ming’s emergence to break the loneliness of O’Neal to win the myth, and the existence of sharks Yao Ming Yuqiang is strong, this kind of relationship between the fortune of the final era of the legendary chapter Is no longer important, it is important that it is this grudge to Yao shark became a story of the people, so that the duel is full of classic; it is this grudge, so that the NBA Super Center era to be gorgeous and colorful.

“Yao Ming should enter the Hall of Fame, he is a great dominant player.” This is O’Neal to join the TNT radio station when the words, but this sentence, he can not speak in the game.

After a lapse of one year, Yao Ming in the “NBA front” modestly said: “Even if the shark had entered the period of decline, but still strong over the peak of me.” In the 2016 Hall of Fame, O’Neal personally Yao Ming Wearing the Hall of Fame clothes, also attracted media coverage, and now they have long been good friends.

A good friend is like the light in the night, usually inadvertently, but always for you to illuminate the road ahead.

Such as this can improve sleep PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses

This is not an ordinary glasses, in the previous few days of the CES show, O’Neal and the world famous football coach Lippi competing to try out a pair of glasses. Even the fire coaches are on site to buy their own players to improve sleep use.

When O’Neal prepares for a self-timer, he is shy to say “What? How am I so dark?” (OS: so I am so black) and humorously said  “The next time I gave me a pink bar”  Humor makes you laugh.

Just wearing a PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses, O’Neill’s life was the most bitter black, no one Ha ha ha

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses

Color: matt black

Function: Improved sleep help player starred in MVP

There is light in the place, there is love, there is warm, there is hope.


Like a friend guarding your insomnia.



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