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Scientists at the University of Brown have found that the human eye retina has a “third class” photoreceptor (ipRGC) that can receive light signals and project to the brain’s biological clock regulator, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) Control of the pineal gland to regulate the level of human hormone secretion, can help humans regulate circadian rhythm and other biological effects. Since then, a Chinese scholar at Johns Hopkins University has discovered the nerve pathways that affect the secretion of melatonin from the human body and published the findings in the journal Nature.

Soon, the scholar of Chinese students in the “nature” magazine to see this article, he will affect the principle of melatonin secretion of light to solve the problem of human insomnia, which is today we want to introduce you to the black technology – -PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses.

Light is the core of the human body clock control factors

It has been thought that there are only two cells, cone cells and rod cells on the retina that act on our nerves so that we can see things. Until 2002, the United States Brown University found that the retina there is another cell, that is, non-imaging visual cells, the cells and human beings can see what does not matter, but it can feel the time changes, feel the light The change.

After the discovery of these cells, a Chinese scholar at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the top medical school in the United States found that the non-imaging cells on the human retina felt light, and then it felt the light Of the information to the human brain of the hypothalamus, hypothalamus and then feedback information to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), depending on the cross nucleus is to control our biological rhythm, is the body of the activities of the metronome. And then cross-on the nucleus and then the relevant information back to the pineal gland (part of the hypothalamus), the pineal gland and thus adjust the specific secretion of melatonin, melatonin is a natural body to induce the body’s sleep Hormones, the body’s sleep due to melatonin changes and changes. Since then, this regulation of human biological clock of the nerve path is clearly demonstrated.

Under normal circumstances, the body’s melatonin secretion is circadian rhythm. After the night falls, light stimulation weakened, pineal gland synthesis of melatonin enzyme activity increased, the body’s melatonin secretion level is also a corresponding increase in the morning 2-3 points to reach the peak, this time it is the most difficult time The

Melatonin is a natural hormone that induces natural sleep, which overcomes sleep disorders by adjusting the body’s natural sleep, and the level of melatonin directly affects the quality of sleep. The biggest difference between melatonin and other sleeping pills is that melatonin is not addictive and has no side effects.

From scientific principles to intelligent products

Shenzhen ice cold technology, one of the founders, general manager of the pool has been trying to help the mother to solve the troubled years of insomnia, a chance, he saw Johns Hopkins University Chinese scholars published in the “nature” magazine The paper, Chi Jing think this is to solve the problem of human insomnia a major clue – the use of light affect the body of melatonin secretion principle, through the light changes in regulation, and thus improve the body sleep, will be a very promising field!

At present, Chill Technology has collaborated with Johns Hopkins University, University of Science and Technology of China to develop program-controlled multi-wavelength optical technology, through finishing a large number of user experience data, and after repeated testing and calculation, in the effectiveness and comfort , The ultimate access to PEGASI wavelength, developed the world’s first closed-loop sleep optimization products – PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses, this smart glasses by issuing PEGASI wavelength of light regulation of human melatonin secretion, and then regulate the human body clock, improve Human sleep quality.

The body’s melatonin secretion is relatively constant, more secretion during the day and night, natural secretion of less. For example, in the morning after wearing PEGASI smart glasses to wear 25 minutes, PEGASI smart glasses issued by PEGASI wavelength will stimulate the secretion of human cortisol, cortisol people become energetic; on the other hand, it is also melatonin secretion Of the inhibition, PEGASI smart glasses to melatonin secretion concentrated in the evening, to ensure that people will not sleep at night

Not only that, in the afternoon when drowsiness, stay up late in the evening to work overtime, PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses can make people more energetic, and rest can also enter the depth of sleep faster.

Big data analysis to solve personal sleep problems

Everyone is not the same reason for sleep is not the same, for example, some people spend a long time to sleep, some people are sleep quality is not high, more dreams, some people are very difficult to get up, some people are seasonal Insomnia, such as winter depression, summer can not sleep, etc., there are multiple factors, and thus suitable for each person’s PEGASI wavelength is also different.

Medical monitoring of human sleep quality has several important indicators, such as continuous breathing at night, heart rate, ECG, EEG, weight and so on. Ice and cold technology through the cooperation with the South China Science and Technology (millet ecosystem company), the rice will be measured through the millet bracelet user movement data and sleep data to ice cold technology, ice cold technology developed an algorithm, through large data analysis Anatomy of the user sleep, and finally the results pushed to the phone APP, APP and then push to PEGASI smart glasses, and then adjust the body sleep. From sleep monitoring to sleep conditioning, forming a closed loop, and is a personal customization service.

Science and technology to serve the public, let us have a healthier life.




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