Does Melatonin Really Help You Sleep?

Melatonin for Sleep: Does It Work? Does Melatonin Really Help You Sleep? Melatonin, is one of the many commonly used drugs for insomnia patients. It is from the human brain in an organ "pineal" isolated from a hormone. Because this hormone can make a melanin producing cells shiny, hence the name is melatonin. At that time scientists only know that melatonin will make people's skin white. Later discovered that melatonin will make people sleepy. In the 1960s, Professor Walmart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that light would stimulate the body's pineal glands through the eye, which would affect the secretion of melatonin. In the strong daylight or sunny day, the body will decrease the secretion of melatonin; to the light of the weak night or rainy days, the [...]

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How do I fix my sleep deprivation?

   How do I fix my sleep deprivation? If you are always difficult in falling asleep at night or wake up many times. It will result in no spirit during the day, it should be noted that sleep quality deterioration. Recently a foreign university professor of medicine, who studies that the most likely to steal sleep at night. Which are the following thieves and gives a solution. Think too much. When you have racked your brains for work during the day, or just have had a dispute with people. It is often harder to fall asleep at this night. " It is difficult to control their own thoughts when sleeping even awake."  He said. Solution: Get up. Do not turn on the lights, which [...]

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How to reduce sleep

How to reduce sleep but stay healthy? We often notice some questions on Quora something like this , How to Condition Your Body to Need Less Sleep? How do I scientifically reduce sleep duration and stay healthy? How long do we need to sleep? Everyone will have different needs, but "best to guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep time" must be heard. Sleep is very important to our physical function. It can relax the body, restore strength, reduce stress, maintain concentration and enhance memory and coordination. Can we sleep less for a while, but still ensure that we are full of energy and good health? In fact, we can at most reduce one hour of sleep. It is not just the length of sleep, but more importantly [...]

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Sleep disorders treatment

How to get good sleep disorders treatment? Now most of the hospital neurology and psychological outpatient clinics received sleep disorders . Two-thirds because of "sleep at night." But sleep disorders are not just insomnia, but also the amount of sleep abnormalities and abnormal sleep quality. Sleep too much. As a result of various encephalopathy, endocrine disorders, metabolic abnormalities , which caused by drowsiness or lethargy, often with falls, sleep paralysis and sleep ill symptoms and other symptoms. Lack of sleep. Sleep time less than 5 hours. Difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, easy to wake up or wake up and so on. There are some people at very sleepy and snoring during the day. In fact, this is a sleep disorder, their poor quality of sleep, [...]

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How to get over jet lag?

Many people always leave questions like this what is the best method of getting over jet lag on Quora . Do you have any problems of getting over jet lag when you are on travel ? Maybe most of us are very sad when we suffer from jet lag . We would like to share with more about jet lag information, really hope you can get a lot from our blog. There’s nothing like a case of desynchronosis to ruin a perfectly good business trip! What is desynchronosis, you may ask? No, it’s not a new electronic dance music act. It’s medical jargon for jet lag. It means your biological clock is out of sync. Our bodies operate on what we call circadian rhythms (no, [...]

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