What is the difference between deep sleep and light sleep?

Normal sleep pattern

People often ask me some sleep problems .Sleep is the need of life, so people can not survive without sleep. About one third of life is spent in sleep, and sleep can restore the spirit and relieve fatigue. Today we will talk about what is the difference between deep sleep and light sleep?

Human sleep is rhythmic, deep sleep and light sleep alternately repeated until awake. Studies have shown that in the deep sleep period, the human cerebral cortex cells is in a fully resting state. It is extremely important for the stability of the mood, balance of mind and recovery. Deep sleep is a part of sleep, only 25% of the total sleep time, which is also known as “golden sleep”. At the same time, the human body can produce many antibodies and enhance disease resistance.

Generally better sleep state is from the beginning of sleep. About: light sleep state (about 30 minutes) —– deep sleep state (about 40 minutes) —— light sleep state (about 20 minutes). It is not easy to “remember” the dream of sleep (deep sleep) when you wake up, and if you wake up your sleepers or sleepers during a deep sleep time are disturbed or stimulated in a deep sleep state (such as sleeping It is easy to “clearly remember” the dream of the “scene”. In the whole sleep time if not disturbed or stimulated, it will “continue to cycle” the next sleep cycle without waking up until the sleep needs to be adequate and sober.

The symptoms of shallow sleep become very common in the crowd, always after falling asleep, but suddenly waken up by some very quiet movements and suddenly woke up. It generally will affect the quality of sleep.  It will affect the mental state from the long time. Maybe not everyone is very clear that the reasons for the emergence of the symptoms,

In the whole sleep, the average of a sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, each time (or every night of the entire sleep time, etc.) sleep can have multiple sleep cycles , from shallow sleep to deep sleep time. I am not a doctor and already read some knowledge about the memory of sleep ,but it is not complete or accurate, so this cycle of time, not everyone is exactly same.

Normal sleep

Human normal sleep, usually from shallow sleep to deep sleep and then to shallow sleep, so repeated several cycles . The baby is also same. First into the deep sleep, then the baby sleep particularly cooked, not easy to wake up, generally last 70-120 minutes, and then transferred to 20-30 minutes of light sleep, so alternating 3-5 times a night.

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