Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills?

sleeping pills

With the accelerated pace of life, insomnia has become a “first-class event” troubled many people .It should be the time to sleep, many people are over and over again, tossing and turning and fail to fall asleep. In order to be able to sleep well ,many people will take sleeping pills to achieve the effect of sleep. Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills?

Insomnia is like a fever, itself is not a disease, just a symptom, it is important to find the reasons behind the insomnia, for transient insomnia caused by the environment, mood, diet, disease and drugs. it is a physiological reaction, do not be nervous, as long as the elimination of predisposing factors, sleep can return to normal, not necessarily taking sleeping drugs.

In reality, some patients taking sleeping pills and it is also effective, due to worry about the side effects of drugs, they will stop to take pills temporarily, so that they must take medicine again when insomnia symptoms came back. In fact, the use of sleeping pills to improve sleep, it is best to continue to take a few days, so that the biological clock has been gradually restored to normal, and then gradually reduce the dose of sleeping pills, and then stop, or it is useless .

And for some long-term people who rely on sleeping pills to sleep, not so much the treatment of diseases need such drugs, as it is psychological dependence. Therefore, if need to take sleeping pills, the general continuous taking it no more than 4 months. It is best to take alternately 2 or 3 kinds of sleeping pills, supplemented by mental therapy and moderate exercise to reduce the long time taking dormant dependence. The effect will be enhanced if sleeping pills combined with some drugs. For example, some anti-allergy drugs have a central inhibitory effect, and sleeping pills with the service will produce lethargy, fatigue, dizziness and other adverse reactions; muscle loose drug and sleeping pills with the service will cause drowsiness, fatigue and other side effects.

In particular, need to be reminded that excessive intake of alcohol has the potential to stimulate sleeping pills poisoning. Because the alcohol on the central nervous system for the initial excitement, after the inhibition. Due to inhibition of different parts of the brain, the initial symptoms of excitement, late symptoms of inhibition, such as drowsiness and so on. And sleeping pills have an inhibitory effect on the brain, so drink taking sleeping pills, can produce a double inhibitory effect, people slow response, lethargy, and even unconscious, breathing and circulation center will be inhibited, there slow breathing, blood pressure, shock Even breathing stopped and died.

Of course, in the improvement of sleep at the same time, we can not ignore sleeping pills for special physiological and pathological groups of drug taboo, sleep apnea, suffering from acute angle closure glaucoma and myasthenia gravis patients, driving or operating equipment and other patients taking sleeping pills are likely to have adverse effects.

PEGASI intelligent sleep glasses is safe, healthy and efficient, just a simple action, you can meet the natural and healthy living habits and full of mental state at the same time, get healthy living positive energy. While avoiding the side effects of taking the drug.

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6. Solve the difficult in getting up in the morning

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