Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills?

With the accelerated pace of life, insomnia has become a "first-class event" troubled many people .It should be the time to sleep, many people are over and over again, tossing and turning and fail to fall asleep. In order to be able to sleep well ,many people will take sleeping pills to achieve the effect of sleep. Insomnia, is it necessary to eat sleeping pills? Insomnia is like a fever, itself is not a disease, just a symptom, it is important to find the reasons behind the insomnia, for transient insomnia caused by the environment, mood, diet, disease and drugs. it is a physiological reaction, do not be nervous, as long as the elimination of predisposing factors, sleep can return to normal, not necessarily [...]

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Insomnia is mainly caused by psychological factors?

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep, sleep is the body to restore, integrate and consolidate the memory of the important link. You are still suffering from insomnia? Do you want to improve their sleep quality? Then we first come to understand the reasons for insomnia? It is said that insomnia is mainly caused by psychological factors, were afraid of insomnia, dreams of psychological, self-blame Psychological, look forward to psychological, childhood trauma psychological reproduction. From the clinical point of view, by the physiological factors, disease factors, drug factors and diet factors caused by the number of cases is far less than the number of cases caused by psychological factors. Summarized, there are six types of psychological causes of insomnia is recognized [...]

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