O’Neal was attracted by PEGASI Sleep Glasses during 2017 CES

In recent days, O’Neal came to China, many times in the blog said want to see Yao Ming, and 11 am, O’Neal finally got the wish This scene, so many fans began to recall youth, friends have emotion "Unforgettable Yao shark war, the league's last center war, when to be staged again." "Playing basketball in the most funny, laughter will play the most, the way to get a few championships" "There are Joe Choosing Joe, no Joe Shark" "O'Neal has been popular? Playing 2kol dynasty ranking you know" "Rivers and lakes resentment and hatred" NBA history, two great center, they walk in different ways. The effectiveness of the different teams, they never intersect the parallel lines are vulgar rivers and lakes, they love to kill [...]

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