What is sleep disorder? What is the relationship with emotions?

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What is sleep disorder? What is the relationship with emotions?

Ordinary people once every 24 hours to wake up with the rhythm of sleep alternating. Sleep can be divided into normal phase sleep (non-fast eye movement sleep NREM) and different phase sleep (rapid eye movement sleep REM), healthy people sleep began in the normal phase of sleep o maintain 70 to 100 minutes after the transfer to different Phase sleep period, and then maintain 20 to 30 minutes and then transferred to the normal phase of sleep, so repeat about 4 to 6 times the amount of sleep often vary according to age. Newborns need to sleep 18 to 20 hours, children 12 to 14 hours, adults 7 to 9 hours, the elderly generally only 5 to 7 hours.


The study of sleep and sleep disorders can be traced back to the 19th century when it was found that the lesion was not located in the cerebral cortex and in the brain stem gray matter from the case of a disease disorder that suffered from encephalitis. As a result, The center of consciousness. Subsequent studies from finding a sleep center found that the sleep center was between the thalamus and the medulla oblongata. Pavlov’s failure in the experiment led to long-term sleep, and he believed that the constant effect of sensory stimulation was important in maintaining arousal.


After the 1940s, many researchers found that the brainstem network uptake system has an important role in maintaining awakening. If the system’s nonspecific impulses are weakened, the tension in the cerebral cortex will drop and sleep occurs. They see sleep as a simple end of the passive suppression and awakening of the system.


The study of the 1960s showed that the locus coeruleus and interstitial nucleus were associated with the occurrence of REM. The midline nucleus may be associated with NREM; the interstitial nucleus contains serotonergic neurons and the locus coeruleus Adrenergic neurons o chemically increases or decreases serotonin, which facilitates or inhibits NREM and REM; therefore, the 5-hydroxytryptamineergic central pathway may be associated with NREM maintenance and REM excitation The central pathway of the adrenergic neuron may be related to the maintenance and awakening of REM.


Sleep disorders are also an emotional disorder. Insomnia from the surface appears to be a somatic symptoms, but in fact it is an emotional disorder, is due to emotional out of control caused by changes in the mood, their emotions continue to be in a low state, nervous, fear, Suspicion, anger, hatred, depression, anxiety, etc. Emotions not only occupy their sensory organs during the day, but even at night still can not stop. Normal people want to sleep, as long as lying in bed to keep quiet, calm, the brain and the body will gradually relax, into sleep.


Once fell asleep from shallow sleep to deep sleep slowly transition, that is, we usually commonly known as the more sleepy, more sleep more fragrant, after a few hours of relaxation, the brain and the body to add enough energy, people Will gradually sleep by the depth of sleep back to shallow sleep until wake up, continue to work during the day. And insomnia people can not do, although they are lying on the bed, but the spirit has always been unable to relax. Brain high-speed operation, many things take things too hard to understand.


They are always psychological imbalance, all the time for the future to worry about what happened, distress, panic, ah, such as the imminent, fear, war tense nervous, anxiety, depression, worry, trouble, nervous, fear and so on factor interference, simply can not sleep, or even barely fell asleep, and sleep is not practical. Obviously feel tired, but that is not sleep or sleep well. All in all, with a mind, a heart lock will have sleep disorders.


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