One night poor sleep is equivalent to eat junk food for 6 months

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The latest study in the United States shows that poor sleep can lead to reduced insulin sensitivity.  A night of bad sleep will be harmful to the body ,which is equivalent to eat greasy food for 6 continuous months . It will increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

One night has poor sleep, the impact on the body is not simply only the emergence of dark circles. A night of bad sleep on the health is equivalent to continuous eating greasy food for 6 months.

Researchers found that lack of sleep can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity, thereby increasing the risk of obesity, the severity of the same for six months of continuous eating unhealthy food. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood and controls blood sugar balance. Researchers believe that “when the body’s sensitivity to insulin decreased. In order to maintain the blood glucose levels, it will produce more insulin. It is likely to cause type II diabetes.  Type II diabetes will affect the normal body of insulin Response, and cause elevated blood sugar, while diabetes can also lead to a series of serious complications, the most common of which is heart disease.

The study was conducted on eight dogs, before and after their consumption of greasy food and deprivation before and after night sleep, respectively, they were tested for insulin sensitivity. Researchers found that lack of sleep can lead to an increase in insulin sensitivity of 33%, while the greasy diet caused by insulin sensitivity decreased by only 21%.

The reasons for the interaction between sleep and food have not yet been studied. Scientists have said that this will be a further clarification of future research. Prior to this, there have been relevant studies to prove the lack of sleep and the risk of obesity. These studies show that lack of sleep for 2 to 7 days can lead to changes in appetite, make people eat more and more appetite for unhealthy food.

The body will secret in the secretion of a known as “leptin” protein hormones. “leptin” to the brain to send a signal to tell the brain we have eaten. And when the lack of sleep, the “leptin” will be reduced. While another will lead to hunger hormones will be a corresponding increase, there will be hunger and appetite.

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