Chronic Intractable Insomnia

Chronic Intractable Insomnia

With the progress of society, people’s work pressure is getting bigger and bigger. Chronic Intractable Insomnia not only affects our body, but also has a great impact on our lives. Therefore, we must pay attention to insomnia and value our body.

There are many reasons for insomnia. To treat insomnia, you need to find out what causes your insomnia, so that you can get the right medicine. Most of insomnia is caused by psychological factors. The most common stress is from work or study. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to regulating their own stress, so as to effectively relieve the symptoms of insomnia.

Chronic Intractable Insomnia is a common disease in all categories of insomnia, and it is more difficult to treat than secondary insomnia. Chronic Intractable Insomnia is often caused by psychological factors. The main clinical manifestations are difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep. During the day, the more you want to fall asleep at night, the more difficult to fall asleep. This aggravates psychological conflict, causing anxiety, emotional instability, and excessive anxiety. Pain also causes insomnia, result in a vicious circle.

Intractable treatment of insomnia:

First, work and rest

To treat Chronic Intractable Insomnia, we must learn to arrange work and life rationally, formulate realistic pursuit goals, correctly handle interpersonal relationships, and prevent insomnia in work and life. There should be clear boundaries, and after work, we should take full rest and should not return to work and participating in physical activities.  It is a combination of work and rest, mental work, and physical labor. It is necessary to actively adjust the relationship with people to maintain a balanced mindset.

Second, learn to relax

The effective methods for treating insomnia include learning to self-adjust, relaxing themselves in time, and maintaining a balance and tranquility of the mind, aiming at a long-term high level of tension, white-collar workers should learn to self-commission and relax themselves in time. Such as participating in various sports activities, hot and cold showers after work, chat with family and friends, and take a two-day holiday, and you can use various ways to vent your own suppressed emotions.

Third, adjust the mood

Enhancing psychological quality is also one of the treatments for insomnia, improving anti-jamming ability, developing multiple interests, and actively diverting attention, adjusting and improving one’s personality  controlling one’s volatility, and responding to work and challenges with a positive attitude.

Many people think that insomnia is only a matter of poor sleep. In fact, it will cause many burdens on the body in the long run. Therefore, when mild insomnia occurs, it must be taken seriously. Everyone should develop good living habits, so that regular living habits will reduce the occurrence of insomnia.


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