Optimize sleep with black technology

Sleep problems solution with black technology

With the continuous changes in the lifestyle of modern people, health problems come one after another. Among them, the sleep problem is the primary of health . Because it not only affects people’s physical health, but also affects people’s academic performance, work and life.

In order to find out the solution of sleep problems , the PEGASI  team has introduced cutting-edge technology from the United States.  Further more it is jointly developed with the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Aerospace Shenzhou Biological Group, and HKUST News to jointly optimize sleep. Hence the black technology products – PEGASI smart sleep glasses, designed to help people suffering from sleep disorders.

Pegasi showed in Nasdaq Big Screen in Times Square

Pegasi sleep glasses is also in the recent Nasdaq big screen in Times Square, surprising the international market with black technology.

Times Square is located in Manhattan, Midtown, New York City. About 0.5M people pass through Times Square every day. It called “the crossroads of the world.” As the forerunner of China Sleep Optimization Brand. PEGASI has successfully landed on the Nasdaq Grand Screen of Times Square with its own brand influence and technical advantages. It has demonstrated to the world PEGASI’s best-sleeping brand image to the global people. Declares confidence in China’s sleep industry.

PEGASI promised to changing the sleep life of millions of people

For each individual’s different sleep problems. PEGASI smart sleep glasses can just from sleep monitoring to sleep, custom personal sleep optimization program. Anyway It not only sleep problems solution  such as insomnia, dreams, early wake, etc., but also have the effect of adjusting jet lag.

PEGASI is keeping developing

PEGASI is keeping up to brand, product and marketing, while continuing to stand at the user’s point of view to increase investment in scientific research, and further feature extraction of healthy big data, optimization of closed-loop monitoring and control system algorithms, and continuously improve services. Such as PEGASI new products, engineers optimize their product structure, to achieve the temples can be folded, power display technology, color matching on the introduction of men’s pearl black, universal ivory, feminine cherry blossom powder and other colors. Regardless of from the appearance or performance to be better,  bring a better user experience .

optimize sleep with black technology

Smart home, creating a new experience for family health in the future

From the exploration of the Internet + home, and then to the construction of the smart home industry chain, PEGASI  continues to try . In the future, PEGASI will launch the “Cloud AI+ Health Platform” system to achieve sleep habit monitoring and health analysis, early screening for apnea syndrome, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risk assessment and early warning. The AI ​​technology is applied to the medical and health field. The user’s sleep health index is evaluated and analyzed, and the heart and lung diseases during sleep are pre-warned to create a new family health experience in the future.

optimize sleep with black technology

PEGASI promises to become first-class sleep optimization service provider

With the user as the core. PEGASI will keep the original intention of the one-stop sleep customization service.  Continuously improve the hardware and software structure of the product. Increase the diversity of product services, and gain insight into user needs. This time landing at Times Square in the United States is just a beginning. In the future, PEGASI will continue to serve the global users. PEGASI promises to become first-class sleep optimization service provider and building a global co Win a healthy ecosystem.

Pegasi will be always on the way to sleep problems solution, say goodbye to sleep disorder with black technology .


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