PEGASI got the best sleep solution award

PEGASI got award for the best sleep solution during Global Resource Show

The world’s largest electronic product procurement event “Global Sources Electronics Show” in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo has come to an end, but its influence has been spreading. In this exhibition, Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd with PEGASI , with its unique and sleep design for the overall solution to attract visitors and the media attention.

You can see the banners with PEGASI  everywhere during Electronic exhibition.

Bright blue and white highlights avant-garde fashion sense of science and technology, sleep improvement and personalized monitoring main health. It  is to create a healthy sleep in the field of precedent, stand out from multiply electronic products .Rolling momentum strong VR / AR, robots and other products. The glasses got the award  the “Best Sleep Solution Award” by Global Sources’ authority and the only product to receive the award in this selection.


PEGASI got the 2017 problem solver winner “Best Sleep Solution Award”

As a winning award of outstanding products. PEGASI sent to the scene caused by a blowout of the user experience. The exhibition area before the “insomnia star” has become the most dazzling exhibition of a landscape. Not only that, the major media also surrounded the booth area. 4 days of the exhibition attracted the size of the interview is overwhelming enough. To highlight the health of sleep products are increasingly recognized and accepted, the market needs to expand.


The birth of PEGASI is a subversion of the traditional intervention by drugs. To solve the problem of insomnia, the application of light regulation of human melatonin secretion of the basic theory of regulation of biological clock rhythm.Its original to wear it  for about 24 minutes a day , so that insomnia is out of trouble.

At the same time . PEGASI sleep is the first closed-loop sleep adjustment system. The large data transmission to the cloud to match the cloud and analysis. Provide customized improvement program for different sleep problems . The innovation of this technology marks the rapid development of large health sleep areas.

Qianhai Icecold co-founder Sun Pu Lin is accepting interview by the global financial media interview



Unique product concept is attracting China daily media.


Hong Kong’s local TVB television station is very interested in PEGASI and interviewing


University of California, a data show that sleep disorders are showing a clear trend of universal. More than 8 percent of workers at least 5 days have stayed up late, more than 9 percent of students have at least 8 days stay up late, while the real continuous high quality sleep more than 15 days Below 5%.

“You must be a little sleepy disorder”, this sentence seems to have become the truth that people can not ignore.

Indeed, health is the eternal theme of mankind and an important sign of social progress. The big health industry is a new industry with huge potential market , which is different from the traditional medical industry development model. PEGASI adapt to this “improvement – analysis – monitoring” integration solution.

Compared with the United States, China’s large health industry is still in the start-up period .In the industrial subdivision and rationalization of the structure , it need to be enhanced and improved. PEGASI sleep application technology is keeping pace with the Europe ,United States and other developed countries. This is one of the signs for big health field to mature .

Hope this improvement arouse people’s awareness of health, healthy sleep, start from everyone!

PEGASI sleep smart glasses is always with you.

Best  Sleep Solution with Pegasi.

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