What kind of insomnia do i have ?

What kind of insomnia do i have ?

Nowadays, insomnia has begun to become a common disease in daily life.

More and more people are troubled by it. So that their lives and work can not be normal. However, for insomnia, now most people have their own wrong understanding . They always think that it is just sleep issue, not harmful to our body.

In fact, insomnia is not a serious disease . But if for a long time, it will bring us the serious harm.So we can not ignore it .

What are the different types of insomnia in clinical? Look at what type you have .

According to different symptoms, we can divide it into three types:

1, Difficult to sleep (more than 30 minutes can not sleep), it is starting insomnia.

2, Can not continue to sleep , easy to wake up or repeatedly wake up, almost every time to wake up more than 30 minutes, it is intermittent insomnia

3, Early awake , wake up early,  it is the end of insomnia.

According to the length of sleep time, we can divide it into three types .

1, Transient , that is less than a week;

2, Short-term , that is  between one week and three weeks;

3, Chronic , that is in three weeks or more.

According to lifestyle, we can divide it into the following five types:

1, Stress .

Multiple in the enterprise managers, civil servants, researchers and other work pressure of the crowd;

2, Bad habits.

Most of them is freelancers, brokers, creative staff, cultural staff, engaged in fashion-related workers and so on. These people are addicted to tea, coffee, drink, chocolate, alcohol, smoking, etc., and these habits will affect the quality of sleep.

3, Anxiety .

More common in women as a leader over the age of 30, such as private business owners, financial supervisors and so on. These women are constantly upgrading the cause of the life stage, and marriage, family, interpersonal relationships all affect the mood. It is easy to affect the nervous system and lead to insomnia.

4, Depression .

Most of them is technical staff, not often associate with the professional women, introverted personality makes them not good at daily expression. When they encounter problems, easy to feel depressed and melancholy.

5, Depending on the drug .

For long-term dependence on drugs to sleep for those who should consult a doctor in time to change this habit. In addition, some weight loss drugs due to the role of nerves, it also seriously affect the quality of sleep, we  recommend not to take it .

Do not think it is simply a sense of sleep.

According to their type of insomnia for the correct treatment, try not to delay the disease, early treatment early rehabilitation.

In addition, experts believe that treatment of insomnia. do not blindly rely on drugs, physical therapy is more safe and healthy. Insomnia people may wish to try non-drug green therapy.

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